One way that DNA can help you push back your own Ryan ancestral line is to connect you genetically with people who have extensive lineages that go back much further than the usual Irish family tree (which typically runs dry around the 1800-1830 timepoint). 

We are building a family tree on Ancestry, simply called Ryan DNA Project Family Tree. This is a public tree but all living people will be private.

In addition to including the pedigrees of project members, we will include the Ryan pedigrees noted in O’Hart’s Irish Pedigrees as well as extensive pedigrees that are in the public domain. Some of these have been sourced from the William O’Ryan archive (to which Derek Ryan was able to get access following discussions with his family), including:

  • O’Mulryans of Annagh
  • O’Mulryans of Solohead
  • the Ryans of Ballymackeogh
  • the Ryans of Inch
  • the Ryans of Scarteen

Some of the above pedigrees go back to the 1500s and it would be really important to try to characterise the Y-DNA signature of each of these family branches.
Thanks go to William’s children, Rick and Josephine, for allowing access to his archive. Josephine runs the facebook group O’Ryans of the World Unite.

For more detail on the DNA Project see here

Community & Heritage

We have a number of proposed projects to highlight places and buildings of importance to the Ryan clan around the country.

Clan Gathering

We would like to hold an in person Clan Gathering in Ireland once Covid-19 restrictions make it safe and feasible to do. As part of the Clan Gathering we would like to help in the election of a Clan Taoiseach to act as an ambassador and leader of the Clan for a fixed duration in office.


There are a number of historical research projects we would like to carry out including a comprehensive history of the Clan utilising all primary sources available.


We will continue to engage in helping members of the Clan with genealogical research via our facebook group –

Other Projects

We are open to suggestions about any projects that members may have relating to the Ryan Clan.

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