Genealogy and DNA

Ryan Genealogy & DNA Forum

Social Media has helped revolutionise genealogical research. We have a Facebook group dedicated to Ryan Genealogy & DNA research and the volunteers there may be able to help you with your family tree research. Click below to join – it’s completely free.

Ryan DNA Project

We are currently working on an exciting DNA Project. For more see here.

The Ryan DNA project is hosted at FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA). Again it is completely free to join the project but you need to order a DNA test first. For men, the recommended test to start with is the Y-DNA-37 test ($119), and for women (and non-Ryan men), you would get most value from testing at Ancestry ($99) and transferring a copy of your data to the RYAN DNA Project on FTDNA (for free). Instructions here.

For more information about the Ryan DNA Project, Maurice Gleeson’s blog explains how the project, works, how to join, how to get the most out of your DNA test, and what the results tell us … * Ryan DNA Project: About the DNA Project

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