The RYAN name in Ancient texts – O’Hart’s Pedigree No.1

In the first of a number of articles, here is one of the two Ryan pedigrees recorded by O’Hart in his book Irish pedigrees; or, The origin and stem of the Irish nation. This pedigree (Ryan No. 1) specifically relates to the Ryan’s of Carlow, the Lords of Idrone, as described by Woulfe, MacLysaght & O’Hart inContinue reading “The RYAN name in Ancient texts – O’Hart’s Pedigree No.1”

The RYAN name in Surname Dictionaries

If you want to get some idea about the possible origin of a particular surname, a Surname Dictionary is a good place to start. There are several surname dictionaries that address the topic of Irish surnames, and perhaps the three most well-known are those of Woulfe, MacLysaght, and O’Hart.  The Rev. Patrick Woulfe (1872-1933), or as heContinue reading “The RYAN name in Surname Dictionaries”