Aims and Objectives


We would like to help document and preserve Ryan History, Genealogy and Lore. We would like to detail a definite history of the Ryan Clan and answer some of the historical questions about the Ryans. For example we don’t know when or why the O’Mulryans first moved into the Tipperary & Limerick area to form their own tuath or country known as Owney O’Mulryan.

Historical, genealogical and archaeological research and projects are definitely a major goal of the Association, and we hope to facilitate partnerships with academia and Corporate Sponsors on specific research projects.


We would like to organise a regular Ryan Clan Gathering in Ireland, at locations of particular significance to the Ryan surname. This would allow the Clan here at home and the Clan abroad to come together and share their experiences and knowledge.

We would like to have a designated Clan Historian and a Clan Genealogist (or maybe a few of them) that would be able to help any member of the clan that is researching their family tree. Hopefully (with the help of DNA) we will be able to tie all these individual family trees into one United Clan Tree.


We aim to have a comprehensive website with resources for learning more about the Clan and with useful information for any Ryan family members coming to visit Ireland.


We would like to be able to help the Clan from abroad when they come home to Ireland to connect with what it means to be a Ryan by highlighting places of importance to the Ryan Clan and also to meet and interact in person with other members of the Clan here.


Historically every Clan needs a leader and we would like to help organise the election of a Clan Taoiseach and Tanaiste for a fixed duration. They will be one of our Ambassadors in helping to promote the goals of the Ryan Clan Association, and in any interactions with government, academia, corporate sponsors, GoFundMe campaigns, etc.

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